How six months can fly by…

So its June, six months on from January when I last posted.

So what has been happening in those six months…

We had a family photo taken…


This one is my favourite one of the kids


January – the kids and I moved down to Hawkes Bay while Phil stayed on to see the contract on the farm out.  We decided to do this so that the kids were settled in at school and I could also start at the EIT doing the Bachelor of Nursing degree.  They are both enjoying their new school and Rebecca enjoys the after-school drama group and Callum is enjoying a place in the 1st 15 Rugby team – he got to trial last weekend for the HB Under 16’s but he didn’t feel that he would have got into the team.  I think they will find out sometime next week.

January also saw us take James down to Taratahi, sadly James has since left Taratahi and this has been a little hard for me to take and I hurt but I won’t go into any details on here.

February saw the kids and I start our schooling.  I sat there on that first day wondering what the hell I thought I was doing, I was too old to be starting a new career at my age,  I knew nothing of what they were talking about, I knew no-one.

Lets skip forward to now and I have finished my first semester.  It hasn’t been easy, I have had to sacrifice a lot, I still have my hair – it’s not grey – but I feel within myself that I have accomplished a lot.  I have studied, I have written, I have surprised myself, I have been surprised, I’ve been over-whelmed but I did it.   I know people.    I know its only the first semester and in the big scheme of things I have another 5 to go but for me this is an achievement.  I have proven to myself that I am ok, that I can step outside my comfort zone and I can do something for me.  I am proud of what I have done and what I have achieved.  This week we had three exams and I wait eagerly for my results.  I’ll let you know when I have them!

I couldn’t have done any of this with the support of Phil, Mum and Dad as well as the kids and from the bottom of my heart I thank them for their support and love it means a lot.

Anyway for now it’s three weeks off – so what do I plan to do – read a book for pleasure not a textbook, do a little of my Project Life album, unpack my house, Yep it’s gonna be a busy three weeks.

And you never know I might even get to do another post!

Oh and I have a trip to Perth with my sister planned in September so I have something to look forward to!


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I saw this on Facebook this morning and thought it was a good quote for my Journey.

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Backing up Files, technology and all that stuff

As I write this I have two laptops open.  I am on a mission to get all the photos and files of the old laptop and reset it  so that Phil can use it while I am away.   I’m not silly when it comes to computers but I am also not a genius and I think I know where my limitations are.   HA!  I know what I know and try to learn what I don’t know – if I understand it!  Understand me??? lol  Not sure I understand myself!

Anyway – I have previously brought 2 external back up drives.  One I backed up before we moved here (three years ago) and have lots of photos and files on it.  Stuff I couldn’t replace.  This stopped working – it was run by power and then plugged into the USB drive.  I thought I was unlucky so didn’t worry too much but felt bummed that I had photos on it.  So I got another one so that I could back up my photos and files.  This time I went for another make.  Could I be unlucky twice???  Oh yes!  I was!  I have had it sitting on the desk and working for at least a year or so.  I had to reset my computer and put all the files from there onto the external drive late October – some of the photos I hadn’t printed for my PL album but I thought nah it would be fine – I couldn’t be unlucky for a second time – could I??  Oh Yes!  I was!  I took it to Rotorua where we went for a weekend away thinking it was a bit of a break and I would be able to get some down time to fiddle with some photos and sort the ones I wanted but the time was busy and when I did get some time I feel asleep.  Ha!

So after we got home I found some me time to sort the photos but I couldn’t find the cord for the drive – did I tell you that am I useless with cords???  Oh Phil would lol.  I have so many computer cords, camera cords, printer cords, usb cords – you know all that stuff.  Well I went through them all and found what I thought was the plug.  Um no, that one wouldn’t work, neither would that one – and that one over there… nup… that one didn’t work either.   Ah – it happened again.  I couldn’t get my photos off the drive.  I decided not to stress too much and it has sat on the desk.

My BIL Gary came this weekend and I asked him to have a look.  Nah… he couldn’t get them to work either.  But he can take them and look at them and see what he could do.  Great I said – all I want in the photos and files off them, not worried if you have to break into them.

So what is the point of this post?  To tell you that I am NEVER  AGAIN going to buy an external hard drive that needs to run with a power supply.

I had a small USB powered one and gave it to Gary so that he could put the files he can get off on to that one and today I brought another one so that I can back up and reset the computer that Phil will use.

So that is why I sit here with both computers open and one copying to a USB POWERED portable drive.

Stupid technology!  Ha!

And YES you do need to back up!!!!


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Yes…he is…

Rebecca took this photo of me and this quote I like just fitted it perfectly.  I don’t normally share my beliefs but I am sure you will still love me anyway!

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Journey – 2012

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

Journey – A process or course likened to traveling; a passage: the journey of life

Last year I decide that I would do Ali Edwards – One Little Word – my word last year was Change and I had lots of ideas and thoughts about what I would do for that word.  However my Little Word took a bit of a meaning on it’s own and I ended up with a totally different Change to the one I had intended.  But that was Ok.  I still need to do my original Change – heck that change kept growing with me as the year went on – literally – I never lost the change I wanted.  But the Change I ended up with helped me to get back some of my sparkle in other ways.

This year’s One Little Word is also a word of its own.  JOURNEY.  Yes 2012 begins a journey for me.  I’ll probably not do a album for my word – this word will just be with me as I go through the year.  I have many changes to go with my Journey – my family will be joining me on this journey and it won’t be easy on anyone – particularly the next six months.

But I am looking forward to My Journey!


If all difficulties were known at the outset of a long journey, most of us would never start out at all.
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Merry Christmas Everyone!


Hope everyone has had a great Christmas.  We didn’t get up to much but did go over to the Mount on Boxing Day for a walk and a picnic.  It was a lovely day for it and so many people out and about.

I notice that I haven’t been here in sometime and I am sure that most of you have stopped reading but I don’t really have any excuses.  Lazy I guess.

I think most of you know via Facebook that I have been accepted in the Bachelor of  Nursing course in Hawkes Bay.  I applied to both HB and Rotorua and got into both so had to make the decision as to which one to go for.  We have a lot of family in HB so decided that the support and love that comes from family is something that we have been missing over the last few years that we would move back to HB.  Phil will stay here for six months to finish the contract we have here and then follow in June hopefully with another dairy farm job in HB.  I will go and stay with mum and dad along with Callum and Rebecca.  James starts at Taratahi in January so we have lots of changes ahead of us for 2012.  Bit nerve racking but we will get there!

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