How six months can fly by…

So its June, six months on from January when I last posted.

So what has been happening in those six months…

We had a family photo taken…


This one is my favourite one of the kids


January – the kids and I moved down to Hawkes Bay while Phil stayed on to see the contract on the farm out.  We decided to do this so that the kids were settled in at school and I could also start at the EIT doing the Bachelor of Nursing degree.  They are both enjoying their new school and Rebecca enjoys the after-school drama group and Callum is enjoying a place in the 1st 15 Rugby team – he got to trial last weekend for the HB Under 16’s but he didn’t feel that he would have got into the team.  I think they will find out sometime next week.

January also saw us take James down to Taratahi, sadly James has since left Taratahi and this has been a little hard for me to take and I hurt but I won’t go into any details on here.

February saw the kids and I start our schooling.  I sat there on that first day wondering what the hell I thought I was doing, I was too old to be starting a new career at my age,  I knew nothing of what they were talking about, I knew no-one.

Lets skip forward to now and I have finished my first semester.  It hasn’t been easy, I have had to sacrifice a lot, I still have my hair – it’s not grey – but I feel within myself that I have accomplished a lot.  I have studied, I have written, I have surprised myself, I have been surprised, I’ve been over-whelmed but I did it.   I know people.    I know its only the first semester and in the big scheme of things I have another 5 to go but for me this is an achievement.  I have proven to myself that I am ok, that I can step outside my comfort zone and I can do something for me.  I am proud of what I have done and what I have achieved.  This week we had three exams and I wait eagerly for my results.  I’ll let you know when I have them!

I couldn’t have done any of this with the support of Phil, Mum and Dad as well as the kids and from the bottom of my heart I thank them for their support and love it means a lot.

Anyway for now it’s three weeks off – so what do I plan to do – read a book for pleasure not a textbook, do a little of my Project Life album, unpack my house, Yep it’s gonna be a busy three weeks.

And you never know I might even get to do another post!

Oh and I have a trip to Perth with my sister planned in September so I have something to look forward to!



7 thoughts on “How six months can fly by…

  1. wahooooooo you are blogging again!!!
    glad all is well
    and let me tell you…i am proud of you going on to do some more study!!
    i know this new career is what you are meant to be doing!!!

    sorry to hear about james too…sometimes moving away from home and starting new things brings the realisation that it isnt meant to be!!
    sadly i have had this with a few jobs…as an adult!!!
    better to get out if not right….then try another option
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. well done for surviving the first semester, the first is always the hardest and you have done it and should be proud!! Sounds like you have all settled in well and life so much more complet now that Phil is back with you all. Sorry to hear about James.

  3. Super duper family photos. Its been a busy 6 months for you all, so enjoy your break. No, you are never to old to learn and start a new career and you have done so well. Keep it up. 🙂

  4. Been looking for this site of yours for ages…could never find it. Want to do scrapbooking…need some pointers…..hint hint.
    No good about james….whats he going to do now.
    Will be fantastic to catch up with the two of you in a few months.xx

  5. I am sorry to here about James; but at the end of the day you have gone above and beyond and sometimes people just need to make their own mistakes to really understand. So hard when you’re mum and you just want the best for your kids and don’t want to see them struggle.hugs hx

  6. So proud of you. Even if you stopped right here the gains you have made from this experience will last forever. You are never too old to grow and learn.hxxxx(.)(.)

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